lovers and skillman

the dallas morning news

September 2008

By Keri Mitchell (


The Veneto( is what opponents of the Signature
Pointe( project probably wish was happening at the corner of
Lovers and Matilda. It’s an old apartment complex built in the ’50s or ’60s, and the owners
have renovated the old apartments and courtyards to create a newold condominium complex
on Matilda, one block north of University.

My husband and I toured the condos during one of the complex’s recent open house events.
The property touts its "resort style living," and I have to admit that the pool and grill areas did
not disappoint. The condos seemed to have highend finishouts— if I remember correctly, if
you bought, you were given a thousand dollars or so for the closet configuration of your choice
at the Container Store. The units were designed well for the most part — as always, with old
apartment complexes, you’ll have a few that simply don’t make sense with current residential